Magnesium Ingot


Magnesium Ingot

CAS NO : 7439-95-4

EC NO : 231-104-6

Molecular Formula : Mg

Main Specifications : 99.9%

magnesium ingot

Package: PALLET
Uses : space flight, aviation, aluminum metal alloy, car manufacturing, steel take-off sulphur and metals restores realm.
Molecular Structure:
Product description: 1. Products Description (1) Use: Besides chemical industry, instrument industries, vehicle manufacture, spaceflight and military industry, magnesium is also to be used to produce magnesium alloy, magnesium-aluminum alloy and work as some other alloys reductant and leavening agent. (2) Specification: Mg: 99.90% Min. Si: 0.02% Max. Fe: 0.0021% Max. Al: 0.025% Max. Mn: 0.023% Max. Ni: 0.0009% Max. Cl: 0.001% Max. Cu:0.001% Max. Note: The chemical composition is basis on different clients have different requests (3) Single weight: 7.5 KGS +/-0.5KG each ingot (4) Packing: 1Ton Wooden or magnesium pallet, bundled with steel strip and covered by strong plastic film.